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How to use and not use twitter

TweetHashtagThere are tonnes of articles from so called experts explaining how to use twitter, with most of them saying something along the lines of “use hashtags because hashtags are #cool”. Although this may be true there are other things you need to take into account when using the micro blogging platform, like why should you use hashtags and where they came from? Also what not to do. Let me explain….

Hashtags are a vital part of twitter, and yes I know lot's of people hate them now because they've hit Facebook and Google. Putting social media aside, where the hell did hashtags come from?

If you're old school like me, you'll remember a program that used to sit on your desktop called mIRC (or something similar) which was an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) program. Remember ASL? That's pretty much what I know from hashtags as each #word represented a room to enter. You could site there for hours trying to find rooms where people would be and take note of them.You could also make up your own room and invite friends to participate. Well hashtags haven't really changed in that time and with the twitter explosion each hashtag represents that same things, except now it's all online.

After the explosion of the micro blog, was founded (2007) and provided “essential information, research and how-to knowledge to help individuals, businesses and organisations worldwide improve their social media branding and intelligence.”

Today facebook uses hashtags (although not many people know how they operate) and very recently Google integrated hashtags into search where “trending topics' become available within search results.

So next time you go to put a hashtag in your tweet, don't just ramble some nonsense as one word and put a pound symbol in front of it, take the time to search for a hashtag that is relevant to your tweet. The point is so other people see your tweet and retweet it, so making up a hashtag will often land your tweet in a listing that only has your tweet there, and that just makes you look like a crazy loner facebook user.

Now you know how hashtags operate, here is something you shouldn't do within twitter. Check out this image below where a real estate agency uses a facebook automation system to post their content to twitter. I know real estate agents are the scum of the earth generally (meaning they're extremely busy trying to scam people renting into paying for cleaners) but come on, it's not hard to change a few settings or spending 5 minutes making something personal.

what not to do in twitter



So to round things up, don't use bad automation services and if you don't have time then pay for a good automation service or hire someone to manage your online content. Also use hashtags PROPERLY!

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