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What is tiered link building?

What is tiered link building?

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Today I'm going to go over with you what tiered link building is and how to build a tiered system for SEO purposes. This technique is not the only method out there and should not be the only strategy you use in your everyday SEO link building.

Your content needs to be unique and relevant to your blog or landing page. For example if you're blogging about music and are creating dofollow links to a landing page that is selling the latest nonsense book about the music industry, and you throw in a bunch of random articles about home renovation within your blog then you're doing it wrong. You need to theme your blog to a niche and make each article different. This is just one of the strategies used for building up your link juice to a priority micro-site. I'm sure there will be many people that disagree with me on this article but I can tell you that it works. I have ranked many sites using this strategy but nothing has ever stuck long term, so having said that you shouldn't use this strategy if you plan on building a brand name. So what is it used for? Building your SERP for affiliate linking, simples.

If you're not the best at optimising code to be search engine friendly then is going to be a tool you will soon become friends with as it takes care of the mechanics of SEO for you. When I say mechanics I mean the back-end SEO, but it's always up to you for the front end which is done through copywriting for SEO. On the flip side if you already know that the meta keywords tag has no effect on your ranking position then I'm sure you're already friends with


Another part of SEO is Page Rank, which in simple terms is the number of people that link to you and how important those links are. I stress the quality and importance of the links because that's where it's at. You don't needs a million backlinks, you just need quality backlinks.

This is only one way of creating a tiered link building strategy. Check out the lazy man's guide for another way. (notice: link removed due to website no longer existing).

Now we have that all out of the way, let's get into tier linking.

Tiered link building

Tier One

For Tier One you should write your own quality articles that are themed to your keyword set or key-phrases. Don't use programs like MS Word to write your articles because when you copy paste your article you can bring along the crazy characters with you and you'll end up with diamonds and upside down question marks in your article.

Every quality article you write you should have 2 images with alt text included and 1 video hosted on another site like vimeo or youtube. Only post to dofollow high PR sites for your Tier One articles and do them manually. Don't use automation software to build your Tier One links because they'll just look like crap and will most likely be rejected. You want to make these your sales pitch pages and make people want to click your link to find out more. is excellent for building your Tier One links because you only need one account and you can create as many blogs as you like. Other great platforms are,,,,, and so on. You can see a nice list at the bottom of this article.


Tier Two

Tier Two links are not as much work, but still time consuming and should not be rushed. You can use automating software for this and I encourage you to do so but don't get obsessed and go nuts, you're just providing link-juice to your Tier One.

Now I'm going to assume you have an automation bot and you're now using it. If not then check out a program called Ultimate Demon, and if you know what you're doing then just use the program you're already comfortable with.

First step is to open up UD and create your accounts under a new profile. While that's running use Scrapebox to scrape for related keywords that you will use to find articles to use in your submission. Yes you can use the articles you find if you include the link back to the original in the resource box. This benefits both you and the original writer and if you want that extra touch then add in an extra paragraph that's your opinion or comment. These articles will also have a contextual link to your Tier One, so make sure the articles you find actually have the keywords you want to rank in.

Once your accounts have created then you will need to verify accounts in the emails tab and I would suggest logging into your email account and moving everything in the Junk folder over to your inbox. It's a good idea to wait at least 30 minutes before verifying and submitting.

Once you're happy with the success rate of your profile creations then start your new tasks and start linking. At the end you should generate a report file. Use this to discover your dofollow submissions and put them into a txt file ready for scrapebox.


Tier Three 

Once you have a good amount of dofollow links in a txt file from your Tier Two then you're ready for scrapebox. Tier Three links are the lowest quality links and this job is mainly automated, I won't glorify it, it's spam and nothing more or less. You can use a program like scrapebox to create these links, I'm going to use scrapebox because I'm comfortable with it and I like using AA lists.

Go through and use fast poster with an AA list or a harvested list you scraped yourself. Make the comment spinable and make it relevant to the site you're linking to. Keep in mind that most of these blogs will be moderated and the admin reads them, so if you're throwing out a generic comment that doesn't actually mean anything or directly promoting a product your comment will most likely be marked as spam and that not good for you. The “Names” txt file is your anchor text file that will be attached to your “Websites” file which are the dofollow links from your Tier Two. Go through the rest of the steps and let it run over night.



That's it, I have covered the basics of a three tier linking system. As mentioned at the start this should not be your only backlinking strategy and I highly recommend you write as much as you can. Keep in mind Google do have penguin and panda updates that filter out spam and low quality websites, so don't stuff it up and practice at your own risk.

Good luck!

As promised here is a list of blogs you can manually submit to: The number next to the link is the PR number.

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  32. WEBSITE Page Rank
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Look for more on Google, Bing and Yahoo to build your list. I would choose 36 excellent sites you will use regularly using one email account only.

If you have any thing you wish to add then just throw it in the comments section below and I could add it into the article as an -edit-…



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