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2014 Round Up for SEO


The year is one day away from being completely over, and SEO is still alive – despite internet marketing bloggers screaming that it is dead. To be perfectly honest, SEO is more alive than ever before, but the game changed. This article is a recap of what I've previously said regarding the future of SEO in 2014, and will go over some other articles I've published throughout the year to update.


In the article – Future of Search Engine Optimisation for 2014 – I covered a few subjects. Now I will go over those subjects and give a short overview.

1) Content and Marketing

This is very much alive and anyone that adopted this technique throughout 2014 has a competitive advantage over any other SEO. This is a no-brainer and businesses that perform any corporate blogging, advertorials or general guest posting are on their way to a solid authority website.

2) Social Media

Social signals are still important with many websites reporting that a large percentage of traffic comes from their social media channels. Of course this depends on what vertical you’re in, and how entertaining your content is. When it comes to SEO, social signals are important with the most important being Google Plus.

3) Mobile and Tablet Devices

I don’t really need to dig into this. If your site is not responsive, then you’re losing leads. It’s as simple as that. If your website doesn’t work on tablets and mobile phones, then make 2015 a year to convert. This is a live or die situation, and those that don't change with the times get left behind.

4) Marketing and Public Relations

This really falls into content marketing with blogger outreach. I still think that the best form of SEO is public relations, and gaining editorial links from highly reputable news sources won’t be beaten; of course this is the most expensive part of SEO and 90% of businesses wouldn’t even imaging having a marketing budget that big. 2014 showed an increase in journalist taking payments in exchange for links, with Huffington Post journalists being the biggest culprits. In black hat forums, you can pay a seller $1,000 USD to get a link on Huffington Post.


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5) Personal Branding

I was slightly ahead of my time when I published this, and personal branding is only now being recognised – within Australia – as of late 2014. To explain in a very simple way, personal branding is branding yourself is the way a public relations worker profiles a television presenter. If you think about Frontline (ABC) where Brooke Vandenberg gets to host a travel show for profiling, that’s personal branding because people see her as a presenter, and that’s how she wants to brand herself.

If you haven’t seen that most amazing show ABC has ever produced, then let me give you a scenario. Let’s say you found me, Nick Cavarretta, and you like the sound of my services. Then you search my name and you find absolutely nothing about me. Would you trust what I say? I doubt it.

Extended: This year I wrote a article for SEMrush that will help you gain work through keywords. This article explains how to bypass keyword resume filters.

6) Content really is King

This article got picked up by a few websites as a reference point for Panda Update. This information will still be completely relevant for years to come. Google look for authenticity and transparency, along with good quality content.

Let me put a situation to you. Let’s say you’re an expert in a particular field of study, and someone comes out with an article they think is amazing quality, but you think “that was spoken about and published 10 years ago, and there are thousands of articles about that already.” Do you think it's quality content? I have a strong feeling you’d be annoyed that someone is rehashing old content and not coming up with something new, therefore it’s not quality content, despite being well written.

7) HTTPS is now a ranking signal

This year we seen a bold move by Google in an attempt to encrypt the internet, making it more secure. After a number of tests on two domains, I can verify that it is a ranking signal and you will see improvements. Getting a reputable SSL certificate to encrypt information should be an option in 2015, especially if you are taking information from people like emails, phone numbers, addressed and payment information or using a payment gateway.

If you would like to know more about me, then search Google for Nick Cavarretta.


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