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Press Releases – Tips and Tricks to Generate Interest

Whether it is online or offline, every business needs to generate interest in order to survive. In the online world, competition is tougher than ever, with everyone looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The search engines are showing fewer results on their first page, PPC bids are becoming competitive and social media users are wary of excessive promotion.

One method that has worked for years offline, and continues to work online, is a carefully constructed press release. Many people think they require big news to issue a press release, but it is more often about presenting an interesting angle on a regular event in your business.

I'm not here to spark a debate on spam, but a lot of SEO's out there think press release syndication is spammy and promotes duplicate content. Truth be told, most services leave the original published on their platform and the rest are rel=nofollow links. Syndicated content should always link back to the original source. Free platforms can be considered spammy and I generally stay clear of them, plus they won't do much for your website so what is the point.

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What are the Benefits of a Press Release?

There are a number of benefits and reasons a website requires a press release service. The end goal is ultimately the same, provided the content you've produced can acts as a lead to product an article or editorial.

Gain Exposure

As mentioned, the business world is competitive, so you need exposure if you want to develop an audience. A press release can provide this exposure by giving you access to a pre-existing collection of news sites, blogs, and journalists who are looking for content to report on.

Get Traffic

Traffic is probably the most important part of online marketing. Regardless of the quality of your product or services, pricing or sales funnels, if you can't get people to visit your site you won't survive. A press release relies on syndication across a variety of sites, leading to traffic from a number of different sources.

Improve SEO

While SEO is constantly changing, backlinks from authority sites still remain important. At various times, Google may increase or decrease the SEO effectiveness of press release sites, but the content can still find its way to a variety of newspapers and blogs, ultimately generating authority links that help your SEO effort.

Help with Branding

Generating new traffic is a vital part of promotion, but you also want to be branding your business to create a name that becomes recognizable to potential customers. Press releases can help with your branding by placing your name on respected sites. If your brand is listed on known industry websites, or even national newspaper sites, you benefit from this association.

Worldwide Reach

Content has become a valuable commodity online, with content publishers always on the lookout for interesting stories. There is less requirement for the content to be local or national anymore, and content is often gathered from worldwide sources. If you can craft a press release that resonates with your usual audience, chances are good that it can also find an audience further afield.

Tips for Creating a Press Release

It's one thing telling the world you have a new website, it's another thing to grab the attention of writers and editors.

Avoid Old News

It might appear obvious that your news should be up to date, but many press releases are crafted when the information has lost some of its relevance. Older news stories can still be picked up if they are interesting, but for maximum impact the news should be released as the story is happening or in advance of a scheduled event.

Create an Interesting Headline

Your headline will often determine whether the press release is read, so make sure it is something that generates interest. While you want to intrigue readers to investigate the rest of the press release, if you make the headline too confusing you will lose many readers. A good headline will keep to the point, let people know what to expect, and encourage them to read further.

Think About Your Goal

Before you begin writing, think about the purpose of your press release. In journalistic terms, this is often described as the who, what, why, when, where, and how, and the ability to answer these questions will determine whether you have provided everything a journalist could need. Many news items will be fairly mundane, but if you can provide an interesting angle, you can help to explain why readers could be interested in the content.

Write for Readers Not Search Engines

Press releases can sometimes appear in the search engines, giving you additional listings alongside your main website. While it may be tempting to try and get your press releases ranking, try to write with readers in mind. If you start to think about keyword density and placement, it is likely you will defeat the purpose of writing the press release.

There are a lot of negative effects if you're treating a press release like an article syndication. Use branded links and no follow the links of you're using a platform that requires you to link in the content. Make sure your word frequency is spread evenly and don't make it to long for the reader.

Include Contact Details

Your goal is for journalists to distribute the news you are releasing, leading to additional interest. Many writers will use the details you provide to craft their own copy, but you can also expect to receive contact from writers looking to gain additional information. Include up-to-date contact information, along with a press contact name, so anyone interested in pursuing the story does not have to work hard to get hold of you.

Another cool tip is to use a dedicated email for press release enquiries, you will receive some spammers outreaching to you saying “use my service” and “bla bla bla”.


Press releases have been, and still remain, an effective way of spreading news and gaining interest in your business. Regardless of the industry you work in, there should be examples of occurrences and events that are deemed newsworthy. Not all news has to be populist, with plenty of press releases only interesting smaller, niche markets. Whether it is specialist, local, or national media, you should develop a list of contacts who are searching for news in a particular market, and then provide well-crafted content that will fit their purpose.

If you want to know more about press release services and syndication services, use my contact form in the navigation and ask me.

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