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Here are my rantings on internet marketing. I've given some good advice in some articles, and others, well. Take a look for yourself.

No Call To Action For Mary!

Often I'm presented with a new task which involves giving a general report of a websites user experience. Most of the time it's great, developers are really switching on to design and flow of websites. As I'm going through a website giving my report, more often than not the main landing page has no Call To Action (CTA).

Not having call to action points – or minimal – on a landing page is asking for a bounce back in my opinion. Many website owners believe a “good enough” CTA is a link tucked away in the copy. No! NO NO NO! A good CTA will grab your target audiences attention, funneling them into different channels.

I've discovered a common pattern whilst doing these general reports and I've decided to compress that into a BuzzFeed type post, just for my own pleasure of posting it… I'll add some value to the article by giving some CTA ideas at the bottom. I guess.

Now, for the story of Mary!

. . .

Mary is super excited because she has been given the task to type into Google “corporate boxes for car races” and have the responsibility of choosing a link to get VIP tickets.


Meet Mary, she's a Marketing Director looking and been given a special task!

Jeff is also super excited, because he doesn't have to do shit…


Mary's boss Jeff loves car racing and not doing special tasks.

Mary clicks on a link in Google's Search Engine Result Page and is presented with the home page.


Mary likes the site so far, feeling pretty fearless to go further.

Mary goes deeper into the website, finds a “car racing” event page with some kick ass text! As Mary can't see a call to action, she bookmarks it for later.


No easy Call To Action point… Pfffft.

Mary never contacted that company because James at work got hooked up with a company Roy used last year.


. . .

Call To Action Ideas

You know what, there are other articles out there that will show pretty much the same thing anyway. So I filtered through the results for you and picked a couple of good ones. Saves you time…

Before you start gazing at CTA examples, you should read about the three critical principles that makes a good CTA. After reading that head on over to this article at Hubspot showing some good examples.

If you feel as though this really is not your thing, why not contact me about some UX Strategies and Search Engine Optimisation.

Is your website performing as it should? Getting tonnes of leads? If it isn't and Joe down the road is raking it in for the same niche, then you really should click that button and contact me.

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