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How to make money flipping sites

Before I start this article I just want to stress that I'm not selling anything here. I do have two main intentions though: to provide a great article regarding Flippa and to attract web designers to contact me for SEO, so we can make some money together flipping websites. Ok, now my intention is out of the way, let's get started.


What is Flippa?

Flippa is an auction based website where people can buy and sell websites, domain names and apps. There is not much to it really, if you take a look you will see you have a choice of looking for established sites or new sites. Established sites can sometimes sell for over $1,000,000 whilst new websites can sell as cheap is $79. It's an amazing way to find out what niche will make money, finding a small business that already turns a profit or simply building your digital empire to creating a passive income.

Think of it as the eBay for entrepreneurs in the digital world. If you're wondering if many people use this website, then according to Alexa (at the time this article was written) it's sitting on a global rank of 1,265 which is pretty amazing. My website is currently sitting on a global rank of 829,552 which I think is also quite good, considering there are billions of websites in the world.

Flippa attracts some great domains and websites, with one memorable domain that people may know being that was previously owned my Mark Zuckerberg before That domain sold on Flippa for $30,000 in 2010.



What is a good technique for flipping sites?

Ok, now we get to the nitty gritty on how to make money flipping sites. First thing is first, you need to build a team of people. The jobs that need to be taken care of here are:

  • Domain Hunting
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Server setup and migration to the buyer
  • Web Development and Functionality (HTML and PHP)
  • User Interface Design (CSS)
  • Search Engine Optimisation

These are the simple things required to build and launch a website. The hardest part is coming up with what your website is going to do. A few questions you should ask yourself is “Are you going to provide a trusted contact for the buyer to outsource the work to?” or “Is the purpose of the website for someone to take over and provide the service themselves?” which should shape the way your build the site. It doesn't even have to be a business, so your main questions would be “What is this website going to do?”.

Some people go as far as developing platforms that have a common purpose, such as invoicing, or even going as far as customising a project management platform for small businesses to use in order to save money. There are thousands of possibilities and opportunities.

Flippa also offers a Buy It Now option and most sellers will offer BIN Bonuses to encourage people to not take the risk in the bidding phase and secure the site. Some commons BIN Bonuses include free server migration, customised content, extra SEO, bonus domains such as a or with the same name etc. You can be creative with these and just remember they're incentives.

Websites that sell for a nice profit often are:

  • Already generating an income, either through advertising or selling services.
  • Have great domain name metrics such as Page Rank, Domain Authority, Trust Flow and an established backlink profile that is not spammed.


What do buyers look out for?

A good buyer will always research the domain name before making a bid, so make sure when you're setting up a website to do your research and checking that the domain name has not been previously used by scammers or spammers. Also check that that website wasn't previously listed for sale, and if it has then don't undersell yourself or people will wonder why.

Your SEO consultant (hopefully me) will most likely be the one doing the domain hunting using a number of online tools needed to conduct the research. If you don't plan on using these tools on a daily basis, then it would be silly to spend the $300+ per month just to research sites for flipping. The cheapest and easiest option if you decide to tackle this job yourself is to use and dork codes to research your domain. Common dork codes to use it “site” and “intext”.

Tools needed for research alone are:

  • SEMRush – $70 USD per month
  • Ahrefs – $80 USD per month
  • Opensite Explorer – $100 USD per month
  • MajesticSEO – $50 USD per month
  • DomainTools – $50 USD per month
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo – FREE

A good buyer that is willing to invest a good amount of money on a website from Flippa will pay someone (like myself) to research a website for them. So don't think you can get away with cutting corners! Even if you do manage to flip a site to someone that doesn't know any better, chances are they will eventually know better and your reviews won't be so positive anymore. Flippa users are great at spotting scammers and having them evicted from the site, plus legal action may be taken. It's not worth being an ass. Also keep in mind that a lot of Flippa buyers are people that lurk in the black hat industry, so being in someones kill list would not be in your best interest.



Is there a pricing involved?

Well yeah, of course. There are different pricing on Flippa for different sites. New sites have a $9 listing fee but the success fee is 15% of the sale whilst a normal established website has a $19 fee but the success rate is only 10%.

Domain names have a $9 listing cost with a 10% success fee and apps are free to list with a 10% success fee. There are not many apps for sale on Flippa, so I would take advantage of the free listing if you're looking to sell phone apps.

Besides all the SEO costs and tools involved for premium accounts, you're going to obviously need a domain name and hosting. I'm going to cover the domain name in a second. Hosting can cost a lot or not much, depending on where you get it. I run a web hosting company and offer a very cheap Flippa hosting deal where I also offer to migrate the website to your new buyers server. If you want to know more about that, then please visit my contact section and use the contact form there.


What is the deal with domain names?

NameJetYou have two choices here; you can buy a new domain name and sit on the site once developed for six months until you can start SEO, or your can buy an old domain name from the auctions.

This is where money comes into play, or knowledge if you're a domain hunter. There are a number of domain marketplaces around with the most popular within the SEO community being: Name Silo, Name Jet and Name Cheap. These domain name marketplaces are filled with all types of expired domain names, including over priced domains that have no value. Understanding what you're looking for is extremely valuable here or you're most likely to be scammed into paying a premium price for a bad domain name.

I wrote a short tutorial on how to find a good domain name a few months back, I suggest you check it out.


There you have it, a quick run down on how you can start thinking about making money from flipping off websites. Keep in mind that my intention was to attract web designers to contact me regarding SEO. Sure, you can sell a website without SEO, however, I know a simple site without SEO will sell between $79 to $500 when the same site that has SEO and ranking will sell between $500 – $5,000. There is a slight difference there when you're taking profits.

If you are a designer with spare time and are willing to make some money, then contact me using the quick contact form (link in the menu) or messaging me on Facebook (link in the sidebar).

Hope you enjoyed reading. Please press some share buttons to spread the love.



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