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Getting around facebook fraud advertising

There are many posts flying around these days that point out how Facebook generates revenue from click farms. I love Facebook being burned by writers exposing how fake Facebook's “promote this page” button is, and how the “boost this post” button is just like handing over $10 notes to the rich.

In light of all this exposing, I haven't actually seen anyone expose how to get around this. I'm more about helping the little guy, not so much burning the big guy, so in this post I'm going to give away a secrets that all these Teespring people will hate me for. Basically I'm sick of these “masters” selling youtube videos to tell you this information, so I'm going to give you the information for free.


How to get the most our of Facebook advertising!

Ok, now let me be direct from the start, you will need to buy a tool of the trade for this to work, unless you have all the time in the world, then you can do everything manually.

First of all let me tell you what I'm talking about. You've probably heard the expression “scraping” before when it comes to blackhat seo, well Facebook open graph allows – kinda – something similar to happen. You can find targets through Open Graph search and other facebook pages, then create a custom audience within Facebook advertising. Doing things this way assures that you know who you are targeting, and not putting your faith in Facebook targeting options alone.

Now everyone on facebook has a user ID, you can find this yourself but going to your profile, then replacing the www with graph. Example: changes to and then you can see that Mark Zuckerberg user ID is 4.

What do you do?

Method 1: Type into your open graph search “People that like Facebook” and you will see a list. If you don't have the Facebook open graph search, then go to settings and change your language from EN-UK to EN-US and then bam, you'll have the new Facebook interface.

The idea is to scrape the information from that list you find. Of course it doesn't need to be people that like Facebook, it can be anything. Let's say you want to target people that are into cars, then you can put in a brand of a car to target or just cars. This extends into all types of graph search, not just people that like, it can be people interested in, people that live in or people you may know. “This method can result in your account being locked or banned.”

Method 2:  The safest option is to use the Facebook API, which is provided by Facebook themselves for us to use. This method is used by Tool #3 (see below) and you don't need the open graph search to use this method, although they do offer a safer way to use method 1. “This method is allowed by Facebook and is used by social media marketers.”

The Tools

Tool #1 – Facebook

The first tools is obviously Facebook Advertising platform. Jump straight into there and setup a payment system to activate your account. Click Facebook Advertising to be taken to the landing page.

Tool #2 – Spreadsheet Software

You're going to need MS Excel, or at least something similar that can read Coma Separated Value files. If you don't want to pay the $12 per month for Office 365, then I suggest checking out this free option.

Tool #3 – Your targeting software

This is the Facebook Advertising secret weapon that will give you a targeted list. The cost involved is just $97 for a lifetime licence, not like these rip off merchants that charge a monthly fee.

EDIT 4th July 2014: It has come to my attention that the software that was being promoted by me has been shut down by Facebook with the authors account being locked by Facebook themselves. I hear he is working on a new project, but I've opted out so there will be no more updates from me. Thanks


facebook targeting


Once you have the tools then it's all about how you use it. Once you sign up to the “secret weapon”, then you're going to need to watch the basic training videos which should only take an hour or so. You can become a Facebook advertising expert within a few hours.

These Teespring junkies have been reaping in the cash with this exact method, and the main skill is actually finding a niche, not the targeting.

To find a good niche to target, then you're probably going to want to click the banner in my sidebar labeled Marketing Samurai, that would be a good start.

EDIT 4th July 2014: The gig below has been deleted due to the software company providing the service has shut down. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you want to try this out before jumping into a $100 piece of software, then visit this Fiverr gig to build a custom audience file to give it a test run. Create a custom audience file on Fiverr. When you receive your custom audience file, you only need to set a lifetime budget of $10 to get an idea on the CTR.

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