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Here are my rantings on internet marketing. I've given some good advice in some articles, and others, well. Take a look for yourself.

The Future of Search Engine Optimisation 2014

SEO (search engine optimisation) has an extremely bad name when it comes to business owners.  When asking people if they know what SEO means, they will generally say it’s a spamming service provided by “letterbox companies” based off-shore. This is only the case for off-site SEO, if it’s done using black hat techniques.

On-site SEO basically means optimising your website so it’s ready for search engine robots to understand; this is done through editing or adding tags within your code, also internal linking. Off-site SEO gets slightly more complicated. The internet is like a spider web in the way it's built from links, and websites link by using links. Amazing. Search engine robots (spiders) crawl the World Wide Web, they jump from link to link and indexing websites it finds. Google have their own called googlebot, and that crawls from link to link indexing sites it finds. You can control what robots you allow by changing your robots.txt file.

When with a new client, using the “find your business” exercise could work, Ask a business owner to find their website on first page Google without searching for the website url or business name. “For example; if you’re a house painter located in Sydney, Australia then you may use search terms such as “house painters Sydney”, “house painter in Sydney region” or perhaps pin pointing your location if you live in a specific area.”

Now is the worst time to be an SEO, especially when it comes to off-site SEO.

I’m sure many of you reading this article will know all about (not provided), content marketing and what is considered to be a spammy link, so I’m not going to bother covering that. What I will be covering is how you can start moving towards the right direction.

  • Content and Marketing

First thing is first; turn your website into a content machine! This can’t be stressed enough, and you must be maintaining your post frequency: meaning don't leave it alone for months at a time. Marketing your content to the world should be your ultimate goal! Produce quality content that people will link to naturally, and your domain score will improve. There is enough crap on the internet as it is, don’t make more.

  • Social Media

You must start integrating your website into social media. Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus is a minimum: excellent if you can integrate all three. Ignoring social media puts your website in a position to de-rank thanks to the Hummingbird algorithm change. If nobody is sharing your content, then why should Google rank it? I think it’s fair enough.

  • Mobile and Tablet Devices

Your website needs to be mobile friendly. The number of searches from portable devices is going up, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Optimising your website for mobile devices should be a no brainer really, and still there are tonnes websites that aren't, and I’m sure their bounce rates moved from 40% to 70% during 2013.

  • Marketing and Public Relations

Outreach and strategy has now overtaken the old link blasting technique, and it’s about time. Google has done something right by opening up new doors for the marketing world to integrate online. There are many courses that teach online marketing and it’s also included in a business (marketing) degree.  Marketing people are now starting to manage advertising channels, whilst public relations experts are drafting out strategies with designers for website interaction and managing social media interaction. Outreach is the best possible way to connect to people.

Times they are a changing!

If you remember the movie watchmen, you’ll know the song this heading is referring to. If you’re an SEO, then you’ll already know that Google hates you. The crackdown over the past couple of years from Matt Cutts has banished, or at least throttled: Keywords data, guest blogging, backlinking including wheels and pyramids, public press releases and automated scripts. Good bye four hour work week.

This is all starting to give small business owners the idea that advertising may well be the way to go. How can you justify paying someone a chunk of money for something that “could be”, because you've never tried it? Some would rather put that chunk of money into Adwords and gaining a result almost instantly, unless they've had no Adwords training. No online advertising training and interface training, people often spend a lot of money with no return. We all know Google needs to boost advertising revenue, but don't give it to them like that.

  • What next?

Consultants that can cover: Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Public Relations, Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation will become the new “hat switcher” in demand for hire!

Ultimately finding someone from a web developer’s background with qualifications in marketing and journalism would be your choice to excel your online sales. They can create content, market the content, manage discussions about the content, outreach to potential customers / partners and advertise to a target audience.

*Cough* I do all that… *cough* Click on contact and message me.

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