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How to find good domain names

There are a few options you can take for finding available domain names. I like to find mine manually using my kick ass strategy I decided to share below. You can also skip the scrapebox section and use a website called expired domains or go directly to the Godaddy auctions, whatever tickles your fancy.

I use these techniques with my SEO services where I build some high authority microsites using expired, deleted and dropped domain names. It is a time consuming job – a vital part of SEO – and if you don't know what to look for, and how to analyse these domains, then you will be wasting a lot of time and money. Lucky for you, I've shared my technique below.

If you do know what to look for, and you just want to know a good clean technique, then this article is for you also.

The paid tools of the trade:

  • Scrapebox – $97.00 one time fee
  • Ahrefs – $79.00 per month
  • Majestic SEO – $49.99 per month
  • Open Site Explorer – $99.00 per month
  • SEMRush – $69.95 per month

The free tools of the trade: Links in article

  • Netpeak
  • The Wayback Machine
  • Google




First you need to open up scrapebox and download addon TDNAM Scraper. Put in your keyword and press start. Once you have a list, then export your list to the harvester box.

Next open up the Fake PR Checker plugin and load urls from the harvester. Tick the Lookup PR and press start. This might take a bit, depending on the size of your list. Once complete, send real domains back to harvester from the export button.

On the right hand side of scrapebox, click the Check Indexed button under Google and wait for the program to check all your domains. Once complete remove all the domains listed NO by highlighting them and clicking remove from harvester.
If you want only sites with high PR, then click the check page rank button and filter out low PR domains. If you know that PR doesn’t really mean a lot these days, then ignore this step.

Now you will need to export your list into a text file.



Once you open up Netpeak, then click the Load button and paste in your URLs from your text file you just exported from Scrapebox. Uncheck everything in the left sidebar and tick: all and domain age metrics. Of course you can do all this manually using Open Site Explorer and checking the information of the domain.

Now you’re going to want to filter your list. I generally filter from highest to lowest using the Domain Moz Trust column. You don’t want domains that aren't trusted. Once you think you have a nice little list of domains you’re interested in buying, then you will need to dig deeper.



Dig Deeper

You will need to use Majestic SEO to see the Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics. If each metric is over 10, then you can then move onto Ahrefs to see if the linking profile is something you’re looking for. In Ahrefs check the quality of the links pointing to the domain: see if it’s spammy or good.

A great tool to use for assessing the reason a site was dropped – possibly because of penalty of being sandboxed – is SEMRush, which will analyse the SE Traffic and Keywords with positions. I you want to dig further, then use the site: dork code to see if it’s indexed and add cleantalk as a keyword to see if the domain was marked as a spammer.

Now use the Wayback Machine to see what the website was about. This all depends on your morals and the relevancy of what you want the domain to be now.


The metrics to look out for:

  • Domain Authority: 25+
  • Page Authority: 25+
  • Moz Score: 3+
  • Trust Flow: 10+
  • Citation Flow: 15+
  • Sandboxed or Penalised: NO
  • Previously Blacklisted: NO
  • Backlinks: YES
  • Social Signals: YES
  • Page Rank: Anything except -2 (negative 2)

If everything passed the checklist, then you have a winner. Buy the domain name through the registrar of your choice and connect to the host of your choice.

I create this guide to be shared, so please share it around if you found it useful.

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