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Domain Renewals: Stop being scammed!

There is another batch of scam invoice going around for a domain renewal, or a request to secure your existing domain name with claims that someone has placed a bid on your domain name in an auction.

Domain Name Scam Alert

There have been companies doing this for years and the invoice looks legitimate with a Bpay number at the bottom. I assure you this is a complete fake and no company would actually invoice you through snail mail for a domain renewal. In most cases, if not all, you will have a login portal for your domain name where you renew it. Another option is to have an auto renew option if you plan on sticking with your domain name long term.

I received one of these not long ago and automatically I knew it was a scam, considering I know where I have my domain names. Although most may not be fooled, keep in mind that the letter can slip past webmasters and land on your accountants desk.

Some also claim that if you pay these invoices, then you're just giving a company money to claim your domain name where they buy it as soon as it expires, then set a 301 (redirect). So you loose your money, and your online address.

These “mailbox companies” have been exposed over and over again, however, they simply disappear then reappear under a different name. The trick is to never ever pay something unless you know what is it, and for who it is. Same rules as signing something, and we all learnt not to sign something you haven't read from primary school, TV shows and movies.

Know where your domain name is registered, never pay more than $25 for a domain name for a 2 year contract and always ask someone if you're not sure.

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