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Here are my rantings on internet marketing. I've given some good advice in some articles, and others, well. Take a look for yourself.

Having Your Content Ready and Organised

It doesn't matter if you're into black hat SEO or white hat SEO, content is a number one priority whether you like it or not. You can't sell a product without explaining what the product is first, either online or in the real world.


Before you register everything online, you should already have some content ready. I'll elaborate on “registering everything”;

  1. Domain name and web hosting: You need sales copy and landing page content.
  2. Your business social media accounts: You need avatars, headers and a unique descriptions for each profile.
  3. Web 2.0 Profiles and Social Media accounts for personas: avatars, headers, descriptions and articles.

If you're not in a position to compile and write content yourself, I can recommend to you some Australian writers working in the media. I am from a journalistic background and still have a large network of writers. Just click the contact page and send me an email.

Type of content you should have ready

Now I'll go over some content you should be rounding up. If you think I've missed something, then please add it in the comments section. I'll add an update if people think it should be added.

Sales Copy and Landing Pages: These are your main call to action points on your website. You will be aiming to rank landing pages and your sales copy should persuade people to take action. There should be a clear difference between organic landing pages and PPC landing pages, with each landing page being target to a specific audience.

Advertorials: These are advertisements in the form of an editorial. Advertorials are mainly for brand recognition and are designed for generating referral traffic. These are to be posted without links. If you do link, then brand it, but be careful where it's posted and make sure they make it clear it's a [sponsored post]. It is not wise to link from an Advertorial as Google may see it as a “paid link”. Take advantage of these advertorials because they create brand searches, which correlates with the number of branded links you have.

Press Releases: Yep, some people are very confused about what a press release is actually for. A press release is a news worthy piece of content that could potentially act as a reference point for an editorial. Ok, generally it's something a journalist could rehash and reference in order to create content for their own website. If you're simply pushing out bad content for the sake of links, then use naked links. Not something I would recommend to be honest. For large syndication, use branded links.

Articles: This is not your landing pages, these are for your blog roll and guest posting purposes. You also need to write blog articles for your web 2.0 sites you register and have subjects ready for when you can start your blog roll on your website. When it comes to writing articles for your blog, you want to think about how your site will be structured and decide what article will be the most important, also what articles will reference the important articles.

Images: The preferred option here for your website is to have the pictures taken by a professional photographer. Articles in your blog roll can be stock images. If you're on a tight budget to start with, you can use creative commons images allowing commercial use. The CC search engine ( is the tool to find these images but check the license before you post. An attribution is required.

Avatars/logos: When creating your logo, you should have some marketing material created with it. This includes smaller square versions for avatars (social media and forum logos) and banner types for advertising purposes or affiliate marketing. Have your designer use every standard banner ad dimension for your logo.

Videos: Videos come in all flavors. The best videos will encourage people the share, this is how they go viral whilst others simply explain a product/service. A simple video advertisement can be created using a templates, check some marketplaces for these templates. For professional ads, go to an agency. You need to look at your marketing budget and figure out what you can fit in. If you think you have the skills to use software like Final Cut or Premiere, then you can grab some stock footage and have a go.

Content Marketing

This is the part where I get to promote my own work, but if you do have time to tackle to job yourself then the bulk of the work is building a network of people that influence your industry. You should use your social media profiles to perform some outreach and ask people to read, comment and share your articles. Of course it doesn't stop there, but I'm not in a position to be giving away knowledge that most competitors aren't aware of. I perform a number of time extensive tasks to ensure the best possible content is created and seen by targeted people.



The video above is the core of content marketing and the agency is from Singapore. If you do want content markrting for an Australian audience and start gaining traffic, then you're more than welcome to contact me.


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