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Here are my rantings on internet marketing. I've given some good advice in some articles, and others, well. Take a look for yourself.

How to choose an SEO consultant

SEO memeAs a business owner I bet you think that owning a basic website with your information on it is the way to go, and I won't argue against you but I do have one question for you. How are people going to find your website? Do you think everyone looks at the yellow pages or everyone has your brand new business card with your URL on it? I for one think most people “Google” something if they want to know and with Google claiming to own 80% of the world search engine market, I think your best chance for your website to be seen with the result of boosting your business is to hire an SEO consultant. If you're a big business and have a huge budget then you should hire an SEO consultant that can manage AdWords campaigns.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation which in translation means optimising your website ready for search engines. A search engine is a website where people go to search for something online, it's essentially a directory of websites. A good example of a search engine is when you log out of hotmail (now outlook) and you're redirected to nineMSN, which is actually a section of the Microsoft search engine called Bing.

The most popular search engines in Australia are Google and Bing and Yahoo. Search engines are not people that sit in an office and look at screens, they have robots that scan the content on your website if your website is indexed, so your site needs to be friendly for these bots to read before the link building and indexing strategies are even thought about. These bots are usually known as spiders because they crawl the world wide web through links.

What onsite SEO does is fix up your site ready for search engines and offsite SEO then gets your site listed for search terms. What are search terms? Ok, lets do an experiment. What would you search for if you wanted an electrician in Sydney? I bet something like “Sydney electricians” or “Affordable electricians around Sydney” and if you have an emergency you might search for “24 Hour electricians in Sydney”. These are what we call keyword phrases, which generally means what people put in the search bar to find information. Each one of those keyword phrases are different, even though they contain similar or the same words.


What about when people say SEO is fluff?

Yeah, ok. How are their online sales? How are they found in search engines? Is it by searching their business name? What SEO does is rank your website with search queries other than your business name because lets face it, unless you're a huge corporation that has a marketing team pushing your brand name, nobody is going to know that you even exist. Go on, do a test. Try to find your business website using Google or Bing and not typing your business name or url. Try to use local words also, for example if you're an electrician in Melbourne then try searching “Electricians in Melbourne” or something like that.

How do you choose an SEO consultant?

First of all you need to ignore the spam emails you get from so called “SEO agencies” based in India, they will do nothing for you. What you need to know when looking for an SEO consultant is that they can do the job you want without using all the jargon to confuse you.

  1. You need to have communication with your SEO consultant
  2. Your SEO consultant needs to work with your developer for onsite SEO purposes
  3. Your SEO consultant needs to understand your business
  4. Your SEO consultant needs to understand your needs

These are just basic requirements from an SEO consultant and they must be able to provide reports for you to look at.

What are the further options?

As I mentioned in the first paragraph where if you have a bigger budget then you should hire someone that can manage Adwords on top of SEO. I take that seriously because Adwords is a very powerful tool to have when you know someone that can actually use it. Many business owners take on Adwords themselves and end up spending thousands of dollars a week with a very little return, therefore are put off the idea of search engine advertising.

Adwords needs to be targeted and very optimised, just like offsite SEO from your SEO consultant and onsite SEO from your developer with the help of your SEO consultant. Adwords is very much similar to SEO but they separated by terms such as Organic an PPC (pay per click).


I hope this article shows you that an SEO consultant can be he most important thing you could do to your business. They're the investment you have been looking for and can be the most powerful person within your company if you let them. Just remember that you should find an SEO consultant that knows the tricks of the trade.

If you're located in Australia and don't want to spend to much time looking for a decent SEO consultant, then why not hire me. Click the link to see my services and use the contact form embedded into the page to send me a message.

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