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Here are my rantings on internet marketing. I've given some good advice in some articles, and others, well. Take a look for yourself.

Outsourcing SEO overseas is dead!

Google are making a lot of money through Adwords right now as website owners and small businesses start suffering from a drop in rank, all because of cheap and dodgy …

How to use and not use twitter

There are tonnes of articles from so called experts explaining how to use twitter, with most of them saying something along the lines of “use hashtags because hashtags are #cool”. …

Funny SEO Memes for 2013

20 or so memes for people working in SEO or have something to do with “content marketing”. You know what this is… A collection of SEO memes for SEOs by SEOs.

How to choose an SEO consultant

As a business owner I bet you think that owning a basic website with your information on it is the way to go, and I won’t argue against you but …

What is microdata for SEO?

You’ve probably heard nerds talk about microdata for SEO before and now it’s becoming popular you want to know about it. To cut a long story short, it’s all about …

What is tiered link building?

What is tiered link building? Today I’m going to go over with you what tiered link building is and how to build a tiered system for SEO purposes. This technique is …

Funny memes for web developers

Below are just some #funny picture I’ve compiled on one of my facebook pages. Flick through and feel free to share around.